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Nicolaikerk (also called Nicolaaskerk and Klaaskerk) is one of the four medieval parish churches in Utrecht. It was built in the early twelfth century. Nicolaikerk, however, is the only one that still features structural elements from its first period of construction, for example the west part with its two towers. The pillars in the nave are Romanesque, too. The painted vault and the diagonal window date from a renovation carried out around 1130. Later restoration activities particularly focused on the choir, which was rebuilt several times in the Gothic style. When Utrecht joined the Reformation in 1580, Nicolaikerk was turned into a Protestant church and all reminders of Catholicism were removed. The south tower was made higher in 1586 by the addition of a brick section. The painted grey bands give the impression of tuff stone walls. Inside the cupola there is a superb carillon made by the Hemony brothers in 1649.

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